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The Foundation in Information Technology (FIT) programme aims at enhancing the literacy and competency in using basic computer applications together with analytical thinking and communicational skills required for school leavers. Hence, Mathematics and English Language for Information Communication Technology (ICT) are considered as two other important supporting subject domains.

FIT is a pre-degree programme that prepares students who are willing to read for their first degree. It is designed for anyone irrespective of the study streams they have followed in Advanced Level (secondary education. Recent statistics show many students who register for degree programmes fail due to lack of ICT competency, language skills and mathematical background. This tendency is very high in external degree programmes. Hence, FIT was designed to address these issues of undergraduate studies.

At the same time, FIT is an alternative qualification for students who do not posse A/L qualifications to enroll into the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) programme. However, those who register for BIT should have completed studies up to Ordinary Level in school curriculum.

FIT is also a certification programme for employment seekers or school leavers to justify their knowledge and skills in ICT for their future endeavors. University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), which is the most reputed higher education institute in the field of computer science and Information Communication Technology in Sri Lanka, will issue these certificates once you successfully complete relevant assessment of the FIT programme.

The FIT, Foundation in Information Technology, programme consists of three courses, namely, ICT Applications (FIT 102), English for ICT (FIT 202) and Mathematics for ICT (FIT 302). e-Learning based online system will be available for all registered students to follow courses at any time during the day. e-Testing based system will be used for the evaluation once the student is ready to take the test at University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) etesting lab. Hence, students could start the programme at any time during the year and they can take exams at any month during the year at testing centres. At the same time, several private institutes conduct face to face classes based on the FIT syllabuses.

What are the available Courses?
Foundation in Information Technology (FIT) programme consists of three courses and all examinations are conducted only in English medium.

FIT 102: ICT Applications
This course provides basic ICT (Information and Communication Technology) knowledge and skills required for the office environment. It ensures that the learner possesses required knowledge and skills to use office applications competently. Students could select Microsoft Office 2007 as package when they sit for examination. There will be a two hour Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based e-Test and a two hour practical test for ICT Applications course.

You can find the detailed syllabus here - FIT 102 (effective from March 2013)

FIT 202: English for ICT
This course has been designed to provide language and communication skills in English from beginners to intermediate learners who want to pursue studies as well as careers in Information Communication Technology (ICT). All four areas of competency in English language, such as Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing will be covered in this syllabus and the learning activities are designed considering ICT working environment. There will be a two hour Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based e-Test to evaluate reading, listening capabilities and a two hour practical test to evaluate speaking and writing skills.

You can find the detailed syllabus here - FIT 202 (effective from March 2013)

FIT 302: Mathematics for ICT
Mathematics plays an important role in Information Technology. The aim of this course is to provide basic mathematical and statistical concepts. After successful completion of this course, the learner will possess problem solving and analytical skills together with required mathematical & statistical knowledge to solve problems in computing. Hence, this will be very useful for anyone who is planning to pursue a carrier in ICT or related sector. There will be a two hour Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) based e-Test.

You can find the detailed syllabus here - FIT 302 (effective from March 2013)

Duration: 4 months                               Fee: 25,000/= (Can be paid in installments 10,000/= + 3x5,000/=)

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