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BIT is the Bachelor of Information Technology Degree programme introduced by the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), in 2000. The UCSC conducts examinations leading to the first-ever External Degree in InformationTechnology (IT) in Sri Lanka. The degree is awarded by the University of Colombo.

BIT Programme is designed to:

  • Produce qualified IT professionals through external mode in addition to the internal degree programs.
  • Set professional standards for Information Technology degree programs concerning the IT industry requirements.
  • Facilitate those who could not register for an IT degree in a public university as an alternative/additional academic qualification.
  • Provide an opportunity to those who are working in IT to obtain a formal qualification in IT through self- study.

This degree programme has been redesigned according to ACM guidelines and Policy Framework for External and Extension programmes declared by the University Grants Commission. UCSC provides well-defined detailed syllabi that would help to lay a solid foundation on which, a student can build his career in IT. The syllabi will be constantly updated to meet the industry requirements.

Candidate must select a minimum of 30 credits from each academic year including all compulsory courses. All courses in Year 1 and Year 2 (Table 2a and Table 2b) are compulsory and each of them has online assessments. Enhancement courses are identified using EN as first two letters of course code.

* The Enhancement Courses are designed to strengthen students’ communicational, mathematical & Personal Computer application skills. Simultaneously, through these courses, a knowledge on the concept of management & entrepreneurship will be provided to the students. EN Courses are compulsory to pass.

All courses offered in year 1 (Table 2a) are compulsory and each of them has online assessments.


(All Compulsory with continuous assessments)

Code Name Semester Credits
IT1105 Information Systems & Technology 1 3
IT1205 Computer Systems I 1 3
IT1305 Web Application Development I 1 3
EN1101 Communication Skills 1 3
EN1201 Introductory Mathematics 1 2
EN1301 Personal Computing 1 2
IT2105 Mathematics for Computing I 2 3
IT2205 Programming I 2 4
IT2305 Database Systems I 2 4
IT2405 Systems Analysis & Design 2 3
Total Number of Credits 30

Table 2a: Year 1 Courses

All courses offered in Year 2 (Table 2b) are compulsory and each of them has online assessments.


(All Compulsory with continuous assessments)

Code Name Semester Credits
IT3105 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 3 3
IT3205 Fundamentals of Software Engineering 3 3
IT3305 Mathematics for Computing II 3 3
IT3405 User Interface Design 3 3
IT3505 Web Application Development II 3 4
IT4105 Programming II 4 4
IT4205 Information Technology Project Management 4 3
IT4305 Rapid Software Development 4 4
IT4405 Computer Networks 4 3
Total Number of Credits 30

Table 2b: Year 2 Courses

Compulsory courses (C) and optional courses (O) are offered in Year 3 (Table 2c)


(Select all Compulsory (C) and Select optional (O) subjects to complete 30 credits)

Code Name Semester Credits Select
IT5105 Professional Issues in IT 5 3 C
IT5205 Information Systems Security 5 3 C
IT5305 Computer Systems II 5 3 O
IT5405 Fundamentals of Multimedia 5 3 O
EN5101 Fundamentals of Management 5 2 C
IT6105 Software Development Project 5 & 6 8 C
IT6205 Systems & Network Administration 6 3 C
IT6305 e-Business Application 6 3 O
IT6405 Database Systems II 6 3 C
IT6505 Middleware Architecture 6 3 O
EN6502 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 6 2 C
Total Number of Credits 36  

Table 2c: Year 3 Courses

Duration: 3 years ( 6 semesters)                       Fee: 240,000/= (6 semesters x 40,000/=)

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