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Computer Hardware Technician

We’re in the information age and computers are the tools used to obtain these
information. In the Computer Hardware Technician program, you’ll learn to
install, test, troubleshoot, and repair computers and associated equipment in
response to specific customer requirements.
The labour market for Computer Hardware Technician has now become truly
international. Today we can see the many opportunities to climb the carrier
ladder within the Computer Hardware Trade.
The scope for work and advancement in the field of Computer Hardware
technician is hence bright and the situation in Sri Lanka is predicted to follow the
same pattern. This CBT curriculum would enable trainees achieve international
standards required by the trade.
Information technology is changing constantly. New methods, new material,
new machines, new norms and standards, increased demands on quality makes
it into an occupation in constant development. With the ever-increasing use of
Computers the need for competent Computer Hardware technician is increasing
day by day. This demand shows the magnitude of employment opportunities
available for the Computer Hardware technician.
Computer Hardware technician can find employment both within and outside
the country, for example in Middle Eastern countries, or can start their own
business with a moderate investment.
After completion of this program Trainees will be able to seek employment as a
field service technician, field engineer, computer service technician, computer
installation technician or microcomputer technician as desirable.
Opportunities for advancement are excellent in this occupation. Starting at
technician position one can advance to positions of senior technician, service
manager, or even go into business for self-employment in repairing computers.

  1. Prepare estimates for repairs upgrades and new installation
  2. Perform preventive maintenance of a personal computer
  3. Assemble a personal computers to a given configuration
  4. Install and configure internal and external devices for existing systems
  5. Configure Internet and E-mail 
  6. Perform cabling, connecting and configuring of network
  7. Backup data on a personal computer
  8. Attend to problems caused by viruses and other malecious program components
  9. Perform repairs to personal computers

Duration: 6 months                                    Fee: 28,000/=

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