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ICT Technician

ICT being the technology enabler for automation and various applications, plays an
important role in the world today. Qualified human resource is a requirement to design,
develop and implement ICT systems in business and other work environments.
ICT is an attractive area for labour market and demand increases exponentially for qualified
ICT professionals. ICT Technician is supposed to be a multiskill technician in the area of ICT
and deliver competencies according to the requirements in the small and medium scale
business entities.
ICT Technician is responsible for varying computer related duties depending on their
specific job title and place of employment. In general, ICT Technician is capable of
processing word documents, processing spreadsheets, prepare presentations, design and
maintain databases, handle e mail and internet related duties, develop graphic and web
resources, attend to install and troubleshooting of simple networks and design information
systems in a small scale.
ICT technician occupation will be demanded and vacancies will be created in both local and
foreign job market with good career prospects.

  1. Use the computer and manage files within standard operating systems
  2. Perform word processing
  3. Prepare spreadsheets
  4. Prepare presentation resources
  5. Manage databases
  6. Perform Internet and electronic mail operations
  7. Install configure, operate and maintain operating systems and network services
  8. Develop graphics for web and print products
  9. Analyze, design and develop information system

Duration: 6 months                                    Fee: 30,000/=

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