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Foritigate Firewall Training (NSE-4)

  • In this 2-weeks class, you will learn how to use FortiGate UTM.
  • In interactive labs, you will explore firewall policies, basic VPNs, virus detection, web filtering, application control, user authentication, and more.
  • These administrative fundamentals will provide you with a solid understanding of how to integrate basic network security.

Duration: 12 Days

  • Strong Knowledge of TCP/IP Protocols
  • Basic Knowledge of Firewalls

Introduction to firewalls 1 Generation and 2nd Gne firewalls

  • Understanding 1 Generation firewalls
  • Understanding 2 Generation firewalls
  • Understanding 2nd Gne Firewalls and futures
  •  Understanding UTM firewalls futures

Module-1: Introduction to fortigate

  • Understanding Features of Fortigate
  • Understanding Fortigaurd Queries & Packages
  • Initial Configuration
  • Upgrading Firmware
  • Backup & Restore
  • Configuring DHCP

Module-2: Introduction to Routing

  • configure static and dynamic routing
  • Configure ospf and redistribution
  • configure rip and redistribution
  • BGP Configuration

Module-3: Firewall Policies

  • Basic Firewall  Policies
  • configure policies for internet
  • Understanding NAT
  • Configuring Static  NAT
  • Configuring Static nat (port forwarding) using Virtual Server

Module-4: Authentication

  • Create Authentication Policies
  • Creating User and policies
  • Create Admin privilege accounts
  • Monitor firewall Users

Module-5: Logging & Monitoring

  • Understanding Log severity levels
  • Understanding Logs &Sublog types
  • Understanding  Log structures
  • Configuring log settings
  • Redirect logs to Syslog & SNMP

Module-6: Antivirus

  • Types of Virus & Malware
  • Proxy based vs flow based scans
  • Configure Antivirus scanning
  • Test  Antivirus scanning
  • Monitor antivirus logs

Module-7: Webfilter

  • Understanding FortigateWeb-filtering Mechanism
  • Configuring Content Filtering
  • Configuring URL Filtering
  • Monitor Webfilter logs

Module-8: Application Control

  • Updating Application Control Database
  • Configuring Application control profile
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Logging Application control event

Module-9: Intrusion Prevention system

  • Choose IPS Signatures
  • Configure Anomaly based Detection
  • Configure signature based detection
  • Configure DOS Sensor
  • Monitor & Recognize Attacks using IPS

Module-10: Certificate Operations

  • Generating a CSR
  • Configuring SSL/SSH inspection
  • Generating Self signed Certificate
  • Enable SSL Inspection in Foritigate

Module-11: Virtual Domains

  • Understanding VDOM’s
  • VDOM resource vs Global resource
  • Configuring Independent VDOM

Module-12: Data Leakage Prevention

  • Understanding Function of DLP
  • Filter files & Messages

Module-13: Basic IPSEC VPN

  • Understanding Architecture of IPSEC
  • Understanding IKE Phase 1 & 2
  • Configure IPSEC between two networks
  • Monitor VPN Traffic

Module-14: SSL VPN

  • Understanding SSL Architecture
  • Operation Modes of SSL
  • Configuring SSL VPN WebMode
  • Configuring Bookmark
  • Configure firewall policies for SSL VPN
  • Monitor SSL Users